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OptiGen 20-20 offers three gene tests for PWDs: PRA-prcd, GM-1 and improper coat (IC). The CODE for the discount is: PWDCA2017 and is available from 9/1/2017-9/16/2017. If you order all three tests on one dog, your price will be $192.50. If you are not ordering online, Optigen has provided a bundled test form that can be downloaded HERE and emailed to Heather Shilo or brought to the Specialty. Note the letter references blood testing; we are doing buccal swabs instead. For 1 test: take 20% off that test, plus another 5% if ordered online. For 2 tests: take $10 off the top of each of the 2 tests, then another 20% off the total of the 2 tests, plus 5% if ordered online. If not completed on-line, there is 5% less discount and you must bring a check for the correct amount and either a filled out OptiGen request form or fill out a form at the Health Tent. Be sure to have your dog's Registered Name, AKC registration #, DOB, Microchip ID#/Tattoo # for each dog.

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